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How to be present with self in 2024?

It is the last week of holidays.

I am overlooking a river.  The bush is humming with sound.  Wet towels and bathers hang on the rail. 

The family still all asleep, it is me and the cows in the distance.

It is in these quiet times I write.  When there is no demand for my time or attention. 

After a big year, it can take a lot for me to find quiet within to reconnect.  And then how to continue that piece into the year ahead?

There are a few ingredients that always help

There are a few ingredients that always help.  Loads of sleep, time in nature, connection with people I love, gorgeous food, stepping away from my work, uncommitted time, disconnecting from the grid, physical movement, music, and admiring the simple beauty of life.

And while all of this sounds idyllic.  This is not my day-to-day life.  I juggle many roles professionally and personally and my work as a therapist is demanding.  In all of this, I too experience periods of anxiousness, overwhelm, and can struggle with sleep.

Intentionally living a mindful life day in day out

So while yes, part of my self-care is about holidays, a big part of it is about intentionally living a mindful life day in day out.

For me this can be in: the food I make, the incense I light at my desk at the start of the day, meditation, the self-care ritual I enjoy on a Sunday night, the walk listening to the sounds of nature in the early morning light, the time spent together at the dinner table, listening to records and journaling, an early night in line dried sheets and reading, mindfully moving my body, sitting in the garden, and listening to beautiful music.

Find what supports you

My invitation as always, is find ways that are meaningful and supportive to you, to remain present to you and your world.  Not just during holidays, but during your everyday.

It is through connection (with self, other and the world) we heal. 

Take care and Happy New Year beautiful people.


Love Sarah xx

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Thank you, Sarah. Really lovely reminder and strategies to begin the New Year. Very good for me to remember, and all things I would like to focus on this year, after such a tumultuous year last year.


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