Sarah Sacks
Therapist & Founder 

Calm is very often available to us when we feel a sense of connection.  

Who is Sarah Sacks?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a country girl at heart.  To this day I love backyard chickens, flowers in the garden and an open table inviting people to our home. 

Located in Bayside Melbourne, I work as a psychotherapist at www.sarahsacks.com.au.  I love my work as a therapist, this is a place of great richness for me.

Why self care?

As a therapist, I consistently observe that caring for self is a significant part of finding calm.  It is what my clients do to care for themselves in between their therapy sessions that can make such a difference to their wellbeing.  It was from this place that the idea for The Calm Store was born.

Vision for The Calm Store

My vision for The Calm Store was to create a space that invited people to slow down, check in and engage in a multilayered practice of mindful self-care. 

I wanted this care to be felt at all levels and a part of people’s everyday lives.

Why these products?

I sought out products that were made with a deep sense of conscious intent.  I wanted the products to be made by local Australian makers who were experts in their field.  The makers had to show care for the planet and their communities. I wanted products that would be enhanced if they were used alongside one another. I wanted the products to look beautiful, feel wonderful, smell amazing and most of all deliver on what they claimed. 

The end result has been a curated collection of beautiful, sustainable, Australian made products that support us to find calm.  I love every one of them and I believe you will too.

Giving Back

As a part of our commitment to treading lightly on the earth, we have partnered with Ecologi.  Ecologi is an environmental organisation that invites us to collectively to restore the planet. 

For every purchase made at The Calm Store, we plant a tree to help reduce our carbon footprint. 


All of our packaging is recyclable, made of recycled materials, reused, reusable, or compostable. If you have a home compost, our mailer and even the mailing stickers will break down in 3 – 6 months.  A significant part of the selection criteria for the products in our range is around sustainability. 

So, where you can please recyclable, compost, or reuse.

Care for self

From the start of the day through to bedtime, take a moment to check in with yourself and give to yourself in a way that feels true to you. 

Finding calm is really a way of being, rather than a single solution. 

Please stay in touch

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We hope you enjoy taking the time to ...

slow down

check in

self care


Sarah  xx