What is your calling this year?

What is your calling this year?

I spent the evening with new and old friends
an invitation to reflect
inspiring stories of life transformations, pursuits and learnings
beautiful home-cooked food
under the stars
a table full of colour and love
I am reminded, we are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with

it is now New Year’s Day
the house is quiet
with emerging adults as my children
more than ever, I recognise, my life is my own to make

soft morning light
homegrown rhubarb, seeds & yoghurt for breakfast
ribbons of incense burning
I stand fully in the invitation of this moment

letting go of what has been and welcoming in the new

in 2023 my commitment was to show up more
this I did in ways that I had not anticipated
delivering training in corporate and therapy spaces
supporting a charity for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
continuing to work with my incredible clients as their therapist
showing up here in this beautiful Calm Store community as the messy human that I am

    inviting us all to find more wholeness, through connection with self, each other and the earth

    in 2024 I seek to let go
    to let go of expectation and demand
    to give myself more space for play
    in my body, in my being, in my psyche
    to embrace all the risks, the challenges and the joy that will no doubt arise

      yet knowing I am here for me, I can do this too

      what is your calling this year?

      wishing you so much love for 2024

      feel free to share your comments and reflections

      it is through connection we heal


      Love Sarah xx

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