Eucalyptus Oil Dish
Eucalyptus Oil Dish with love tea bag
Eucalyptus Oil Dish with smudge stick
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Eucalyptus Oil Dish

Byrnt Ceramics
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 Ceramics help us ground

Product description

A beautiful ceramic dish, handmade with iron-rich stoneware and finished with a matt eucalyptus glaze.

Why you will love it

Perfect for your smudge stick or as an essential oil finger bowl, the tactile nature of this beautifully made dish immediately connects you with the earth, bringing a sense of reverence to ritual.

Why we love it

Reflecting the colours of our native eucalyptus bushland we love its multiple uses as a part of our self-care rituals.

Why use ceramics

In their handmade and tactile nature, ceramics invite us to slow down and feel a connection - to the earth and to one another.

How to use it

As a smudge bowl - to smudge out your smudge stick, use as is or place a layer of sand in the base.

As a finger bowl - using your favourite carrier oil (i.e. coconut, jojoba, olive) as a base, blend a drop or two of your chosen essential oil, mix and apply as desired.

As a an aromatherapy dish - add a few drops of your preferred aromatherapy oil in your dish and place on the shower floor, let the steam of the shower do the rest as you experience the joys of an aromatherapy shower.

About this maker

The maker behind BYRNT ceramics originally grew up in central NSW and her work reflects her origins.  Influenced by ritual and communal experience, Ruth prefers to tread lightly on the earth and is inspired to create ceramics that others will love.

Product details

  • Dimensions: 9cm diameter x 1.5cm high (approx)
  • Clay: iron-rich stoneware
  • Glaze: matt eucalyptus
  • Slight imperfections or variations in the surface are what give handmade ceramics their uniqueness and charm