let's talk about sleep

let's talk about sleep

There is hardly anything more delightful than waking refreshed feeling rested after a good night's sleep.

Quality sleep is known to assist with our metabolism, regulating our appetite, our mood, our health and even our life satisfaction.

Yet in 2016 sleep problems were reported by two thirds (66%) of Australians.  When we are experiencing insufficient rest, stress builds and experiences of calm can feel out of reach.

Sleep experts name the importance of establishing positive habits that support a restful sleep.

Consider including some of following as a part of your wind-down routine a couple hours before bed:

  • taking a gentle stretch or walk around the block to help mark the end of your day
  • turning down the lights to mimic the lowering light of the sun
  • light a Sleep Soy Wax candle 
  • disconnect from all electronic devices
  • jot down all that is on your mind in a Journal
  • brew a beautiful cup of Sleep Tea
  • add some Dream Drops & some Sleep Support homeopathy to your brew
  • give yourself a self-massage with with a calming Body Oil
  • immerse yourself in a warm bath filled with Sleep Blend Bath Salts 
  • fill a basin with warm water, add a few drops of Cleansing Compress Drops, immerse a face cloth and then place this over your face breathing in the soothing aromatic scents, taking away the stress of the day
  • ensure your room is dark, cool and uncluttered
  • rub Sleepy Time Herbal Balm on to your wrists, temples and the back of the neck
  • spray lavender infused Magnesium Oil Spray on the bottom of your feet
  • spray some Room & Pillow Mist on to your pillow
  • then tuck yourself into bed for a restful night’s sleep