Who is Sarah Sacks?

Who is Sarah Sacks?

Growing up in rural Australia, there were parts of my life that were idyllic and there were parts of my life that were challenging.

As a woman I learned other's needs were primary

Particularly as a woman, I learned early on, that the needs of other were primary.  Emotions, unless positive, were generally neglected or admonished.  It was important to be polite and to ensure others were comfortable.  I was afraid to express myself for fear of reprisal.  There was deep shame in seeking help and speaking to another about my struggles felt near impossible.

Experiencing anxiety

Experiencing significant levels of anxiety, I first sought therapy in my 20’s.  It was confronting and uncomfortable and I was not convinced talking to someone would help.  I terminated the engagement earlier than I should have.  Some years later after a significant period of ill-health and a further mental collapse, I was ready to make some changes.  It was through the combination of - therapy, reflective practice, body work, my connection to nature, and a deeply loving relationship, that gradually my being began to settle. 

This journey led me back to myself and I concluded this was something I wanted to support others in experiencing too.  I returned to study as a mature age student and discovered I loved the field.

As a psychotherapist, I support others to find ease in their self-experience

These days in my role as a psychotherapist, I work to support others to find ease in their self-experience.  For many of my clients, it is a long and challenging journey.  It is also a journey that is personally familiar.

Key therapeutic practices

Key therapeutic practices that I invite clients to engage with are often around:

  • present moment experience
  • reflection and being with the subconscious
  • developing language for experience and tools for expression
  • connecting with self through the senses and the body
  • compassion for self and other
  • meeting our self-experience with self-care
  • developing a sense of self in relationship with the broader world

From the eye-pillows used in meditation or the aromatherapy perfume oil to support grounding, as you journey through The Calm Store shop, you will see these practices reflected in our product range.

My life today

Today, I am lucky to be a part of a family that includes my kind and generous husband, three beautiful children and our family dog named Molly.  I still attend therapy, write a journal, meditate, love flowers and time in nature, plus I engage regularly in a variety of body-work practices.  When I am not doing these things, I work part-time as a psychotherapist and as the founder of The Calm Store

My offering of The Calm Store is both for you and for me. 

A place of permission

I wish for The Calm Store to be a place of permission and gradual unfolding towards ease where we find space to care for self and the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I hope you for you, you can find a moment for self-care today.

Love Sarah xx


Dear Sarah
These letters are so beautifully written that I can immediately feel the calm and serene presence of you . From our first meeting, I was being guided on a pathway to a transformation that comes from self-knowing. You bring a unique magic to every conversation, gently nudging us to find connection with and integration of all that we are.

I’m so thankful I made that first call to you. Your wisdom has changed my trajectory!

Warmly, Michelle


Dear Sarah, I loved reading this and am certain I will return to the Calm Store. You embody all of the compassion and wisdom expressed in this article about your journey to helping others. As one whom you have helped – during a time of extreme stress – I can attest that this is simply another extension of your calm, beautiful self.


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