Who and what fills your cup?

Who and what fills your cup?

It has been an odd summer
COVID messing with plans and opportunities to connect
Unexpected periods of isolation
Shortages on the shelves
Sudden shifts in how we are being asked to respond to the world

Many clients calling, naming their exhaustion and a wondering how they are going to cope with the year ahead
Naming a generalised anxiety
As we collectively wonder what is to come next?

We make space for the experience to become known

And speak about going back to basics

I ask clients to name 3 things and 3 people, that have consistently filled their cup in the past

I hear of rock climbing, long baths, old school friends, journaling, baking, neighbours, meditation, yoga, swimming in the ocean with a group of girls, partners, pets and the like

Whatever it is for you, go there
Invest in those 3 things every day

Whoever those 3 people are
Invest in them in too

Take time to be with your experience
Take time to connect
And Invest in your self-care

Make this your practice
Multiple times a day

Love Sarah xx

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This is so beautiful and such a timely reminder to be kind to ourselves. Thank you.


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