What are you seeking?

What are you seeking?

Having recently shifted from running a busy therapy practice to becoming a sole practitioner, I am learning what it is to allow myself to truly be the architect of my life.

In response, my body is unfurling.  

I am more active than I have been for years.  I am sleeping more soundly.  There is more creative space.  There is room within me for those that matter so much to me.  And there is more laughter, more music and more dancing.

The freedom to design my life to suit me, is something I am relishing in.

So much so, this week, I took a mini-break and stayed at the beautiful The Rocks Studio in Central Victoria for a few nights.  Reading, reflecting, by a wood fire, hiking in the incredibly beautifully surroundings, eating delicious food - were all a great tonic.

As I construct my new life, I continue to develop The Calm Store 

The Calm Store being a space for me as a therapist, to share what it is to take time to be present to ourselves.  A place where I invite you to slow down, listen and give expression to what is there for you.

It is when we speak and hold ourselves in our truth that we find ease.  

It is no surprise to me, that I created on the outside what I was seeking on the inside.

What are you doing on the outside, that may be an indication of what you are seeking on the inside?

I invite you to slow down and explore what is there for you?

And if heading to the country to reflect is a part of your process, I can highly recommend my hosts Deborah and Graeme.

It is through connection we heal.

I hope you find a moment to be with you today.

Love Sarah xx

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