we are so much more than ourselves at the calm store

We are so much more than ourselves

I am just back from 4 days away teaching

Even though the days were full and long

I have come home feeling energised, and nourished

There is something incredibly special about being alongside others as they too experience the potential of their own self-energy and the wisdom and healing that can come


The image I am left with is a tree

With so much space the limbs grow unhindered where they wish to stretch

In awe, I stand back and take in its’ beauty

I then realise I am standing among many trees

Deep below the surface, the roots tap into the unseen river systems and the richness of the soil

Each tree, connected and in communion

Above, below and amongst … there is so much life

A beautifully balanced ecosystem

Where everything thrives


The potency of connecting to self, all the parts of our being, to others, and to the earth, beyond words.

We are so much more than ourselves


It is through connection we heal


Love Sarah xx

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