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The power of showing up

Working as a mental health practitioner, I am witness to a wide spectrum of experience.  Stories of depression, grief, anxiety, and trauma are often a part of my day.  Some days the impact of these experience weighs more heavily than others.  But what keeps me in this work, is the courage I see in my clients to keep showing up for themselves and the transformation that comes in the process.

The courage to show up

It is this courage to show up and the difference that this can make, that is a part of what motivated me to bring The Calm Store to life. 

I started to wonder “is there a way I could inspire us all to show up more – for ourselves, for others, for the planet?”.

You see to ‘show up’, requires us to be in connection.  And, when there is connection, there is the potential for healing. 

So how do we stay in connection? 

Slow down

We start with slowing down and inviting the possibly of being present with what is there.  Some days this is more accessible to us than others, and that is ok.  To help, think about using ritual in lighting some incense or a candle and starting with a simple exercise:
  • Place feet on floor
  • Hand on chest
  • Inhale … then …exhale deeply through the nose (repeat 3 x)


Remaining in this place of presence, begin to listen in to what is there.  Notice the parts of you sharing commentary about your life  … the deadline you can not afford to miss, the sense of obligation you feel towards your parent, how your partner’s behaviour has been irritating you lately, the chores that need to get done, etc.

As you take note of all the parts, notice what happens as you slow down enough to really be with each part, naming and acknowledging what they are sharing with you.  As you take the time to be in connection with each part, the part may tend to quieten, or it might really let you know it would really like some attention.  Ask the parts what they need?


Having heard what is needed, give to yourself in a meaningful way.  Perhaps you come to realise just how tired you are, yet how hard it is for some parts to relax enough to sleep, so you decide to take a relaxing bath.  Or perhaps you recognise a part of you that is so full with thoughts that you decide to journal all that is there swimming through your mind.  Or maybe you recognise the part that says not such nice things about your body, so you decide to meet that part by gently applying a beautiful nourishing body oil.

The premise is the same in therapy.  The more we can name and acknowledge what is happening for us internally, the more we can begin to come into connection with ourselves and ultimately meet those parts of ourselves with loving care. 

Showing up has an impact

So many of you have shared what a difference taking time to care for yourself has made.  Plus along the way, you have helped plant 969 trees with our partners at Ecologi. You have prevented a whole lot of landfill by purchasing sustainably made beautiful products all packed in recyclable, recycled and compostable materials.  You have made a difference to the families of some very talented Australian makers.  And finally in all of the gifts that you have sent (and I have loved wrapping!), you have let a whole lot of people know just how much they matter.

So my invitation is to keep showing up

Show up for yourself.  Show up for those you care about.  Show up for the planet.

We all need it.

It is through connection we heal.

Take care beautiful people.

Love Sarah xx

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