Reflecting on the year at The Calm Store

Thank you for your support

It has been a big year on so many fronts

One of them being launching The Calm Store

The inspiration coming from a desire to support more people to find ease in their lives

I love my one-on-one therapy work

However, so much can be achieved beyond the therapy hour

Ultimately the work comes to a place where I am supporting people to find a gentler connection with self

The more we can do this for ourselves, the richer life becomes

The Calm Store is a place where I invite us to really slow down and check in with where we are and consider what might support us at this time

Being in tune with ourselves, also supports us to be in tune with others

Giving to others from a place of ourselves, is incredibly healing

This place of connection, in many ways is the essence of The Calm Store

Thank you so much for your support as we embark on this new adventure.


Love Sarah xx

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