Supporting ourselves to thrive

Supporting ourselves to thrive

I had a beautiful weekend away.  So many rich conversations.  I have returned feeling fuller and more balanced.  From each person I spent time with, there was a fresh and valuable perspective.

It is the time though with my oldest friend that I found just the most inspiring.  

What I observe is the positive routines that she has built into her life, that keep her present and delivering so powerfully to the world.

The early morning movement, the highly focussed structured work days, the elimination of all that is unnecessary in her calendar, the time put aside for children and her partner, the evening walk with the dogs in nature, the beautiful food, the clear understanding of her stressors, the staying connected with people that matter to her, the making of time for reflection, the being with her body, the putting aside of tech, the guarding of sleep.

It is wonderful to be in the company of someone who is thriving.

Today, whilst I struggled not to pick up my phone first thing to check email, I did put it down.  An early morning walk, delicious food, and making time to connect with a friend, were all manageable around a focussed work day.  Finishing with herbal tea, low light, gentle music, journaling, a bath and a stretch.

Spending time with another to remind me of who I am is so precious.

Together we thrive, we learn, we grow.

It is in the connections we heal.

Take time to connect with you today.

Love Sarah xx


Beautiful images conjured up by your words. Thanks for the reminder. x


So true Sarah
Thanks – I needed your wisdom today xx

Seri Renkin

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