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Moments of stillness

For me meditation is rarely a time free from thought, but rather a part of the experience.  I work to allow whatever is there to appear and to go, whilst staying connected and grounded. To mark transition of state, I often engage in ritual and use products that support settling and opening.

 Here is a little sample of my meditation today ...


Taking time for quiet


I light a candle
I apply some Calming Herbal Balm to my temples, back of the neck and wrists
I take some Stillness Homeopathic

    Allowing the sugar balls to dissolve under my tongue, whilst breathing in the soothing scent of the herbs and aromatherapy of the balm, my eyes gently move to close 

    I sit

    Feeling the warmth of the morning sun on the back of my head

    I feel the earth beneath me, the gentleness of the breeze and I smell the sweet scent of early summer blooms

    I hear the bird song out the window … so beautiful

    I notice a thought – I am shocked to think that in my busyness, the sweetness of this song has been absent to me

    I return to the experience of sitting and being with all that is here 

    Allowing the birdsong to wash over me I feel delight growing inside

    I sit some more

    Another thought - I recall my grandfather, a prominent bird watcher of his time

    I take some time to be with his presence – to feel his gruff strength and ardent connection to earth

    I breath 

    I let the breath to have its own rhythm

    I feel less alone

    Taking a moment for stillness I feel so much richness of being

    As I opened, I close and blow out the candle lit beside me

    I feel more grounded

    And the world feels as if it has more space and colour


    I invite you to find what feels right for you in your moments of stillness.  And along the way, I encourage you to be with your experience.  Whatever is there, there is richness to be found ...


    Love Sarah xx

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