Mindful self-care helps us live an intentional life

Mindful self-care helps us live an intentional life

It is Sunday morning.  A pot of tea by my side, beautiful music playing, incense gifted from a dear friend burning, I reflect on the week past.

I have been thinking about time.  How easy it is to fritter it away, yet how incredibly valuable time can be when we engage in the moment with intention and purpose.

So I took myself through a process.  Have a read and if you feel inspired, give it a try yourself…

How do I want to spend my time?

With the people I love.  In nature.  Amongst beauty.  Laughing, dancing, singing, creating.  Giving.  Learning, stretching, growing.  In my body. Reflecting. 

How do I want to feel? 

Inspired, interested, valued, loving and loved, connected, safe, free, open, strong, grounded, alive. 

What holds me back from engaging in a life that delivers these experiences? 

Stress, fear, self-demand.  What will other’s think?  Convention.

What if I allowed myself space to be free of those things that hold me back … what would I be doing differently?          

I would be showing up more – in myself and in the world. 

What would that look like? (get specific here) 

Lots of dancing.  Loving without fear.  Openly asking for what I need in my relationships.  Daily physical activity.  Regular meditation.  Sitting in the garden.  Hiking in the country.  Trying new recipes.  Being active in a local community group.  Picking up rubbish.  Wasting less.  Being brave and exploring ideas in conversation.  Loving my body with beautiful body-oil. Going to bed early to enjoy a great book.  A committed writing practice.  Playing around with music.  Attending gallery openings. Singing.  Showing up here by showing my face, not just my words. 

So what is there to lose from doing this?

When I really stop and think about it … nothing.  The initial responses around responsibilities and work, all fall away as I start to envision these elements being incorporated into my life now.  Because really what I am opening to is for me to be more of me!

I want to live my precious life. 

How do you want to live yours?

Notice what happens when you take yourself through this process and actually articulate what is there. 

Mindful self-care supports us to lead an intentional life.

And if you are not sure what that might look like for you take our self-care quiz for some ideas.

I hope you find a moment for you today. 

Love Sarah xx

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