Meet the Maker – Ruth Byrne of Byrnt Ceramics

Meet the Maker – Ruth Byrne of Byrnt Ceramics

When sourcing products for The Calm Store, I seek items that have been made by people that really connect to their product with heart. 

I want the items to be -  superbly beautiful, eminently useful, grounded in care, all produced by hand and with a supreme consideration for their impact on the earth - all the while producing an outcome of grounded calm for the user.

In amongst this lofty and admittedly demanding set of supplier criteria, I came across Ruth Byrne.  Ruth is a ceramicist and the maker behind our ceramics range and those gorgeous mugs and oil burners that keep flying out the door!!

I thought you might like to learn a little more about Ruth ...

Introducing Ruth Byrne

Originally born in Orange, Ruth lived for a short while in Sydney and returned to central NSW with her family, as a young girl.  From this moment onwards, she describes herself as being touched by the beautiful landscape around Orange and central west NSW.  Ruth recalls that from as long as she can remember, she liked the tactile nature of things and, she was always drawing cooking and making.  With both of her parents being from a performing arts background, Ruth was actively encouraged to find her mode of expression.  By early high school, Ruth had begun exploring clay and under the guiding mentorship of a local artist, developed her skills as a ceramicist. 

Fast forward to today, Ruth makes every piece individually at her home studio and each piece is unique and different.  Always ensuring she has enough energy for time at the wheel, Ruth supports her art practice by working part-time at a local high school.  She shares she loves making something from nothing, that is both functional and beautiful. 

From a wellbeing perspective, Ruth actively names that her ceramics practice is essential to her feeling herself.

In speaking about being a supplier to The Calm Store, Ruth shares that she loves it and it feels really special to be a part of the community.  The Calm Store is one of very few outlets Ruth supplies wholesale, so we feel very lucky to have her within our family of makers as well!!

Ruth is a super special lady and her energy can be felt in every piece.

Take a look her work within our Ceramics collection

I hope you enjoyed our first Meet the Maker piece.  

Feel the love and care of the makers in the products that you seek.  

It is in the connection we all heal.

And, remember, by purchasing from The Calm Store, you are supporting and connecting to a community of local Australian makers.  

I hope you find a moment for you to connect to you today.

Love Sarah xx

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I have several pieces made by Ruth and they are great. Highly recommended.

Jonny Yuncken

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