Little Odes to Mother

Little Odes to Mother

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful and the most challenging projects I have undertaken
It is a place where I am stretched beyond belief
A place that continues to demand serious self-reflection and inspires growth
Never have I lived with such little sleep or personal space
Never have I had to be so clear on my self-intent
But would I give it up?


Mother’s Day can be wonderful and painful all at once
It can be a time of remembering our mother that was
It can be a time of grieving the loss of time or opportunity
It can be a time where we wish for scones and cosy cups of tea

However Mother’s Day is for you, I invite you to navigate this time with kindness for self and other


Our faces glowing in the firelight
We stand around the fire pit in the rain
I look to each one and feel such gratitude and overflowing pride
I am so touched, they all came home tonight
We share stories, offer hugs and even dance a little
Our eyes twinkle as we connect
My body let’s go
My brood is home
I am mother
A tired, exhausted, but oh so grateful mother


The earth
Our ultimate mother
Unwavering and steady
Always there to hold us
She waits patiently
For us to remember to place our feet on the ground
And feel her loving life

Let us continue to take care of our mother 


Whether it is your neighbour, your aunty or your mum, the earth – whoever, that person is that helped you feel safe and loved in the world - pretty much all she wants is time with you where she gets to delight in you.

Thinking of you as you make time for those important women in your life.

Love Sarah xx


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That is a lovely ode to Motherhood Darling; beautifully expressed. Was it you that wrote it Daughts? That is immaterial . It’s lovely to share it with Mothers.
I’m looking forward to Saturday!
From your Mum XXX


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