Letting go to show up

Letting go to show up

As I lie on my yoga mat, I notice the words “letting go” arise

I wouldn’t have been able to offer myself this phrase at the beginning of the year, but these words absolutely encapsulate the year that has been

I recall journaling at the end 2021, naming the shifts I wanted to make

Upon reflection, I realise now I was setting myself up to navigate this year of transition

How powerful it is to name what we may not even realise we are seeking

Taking time to journal and discover what is there beneath consciousness has always been a powerful tool for me

In recent times, I have struggled to make the necessary space to journal

Perhaps linked to the wonderings of self-worth, I know the part of me that can de-prioritise self

I have known this part of my being more often, this past year

Change can be like that … destabilising 

There has been more space to feel the pain of absence, as aspects have dropped away

But now on this last day of 2022, this also is a part of the letting go

Letting go of the barricades, making space for the pain, as the doorway to love opens

In my conscious mind I had thought the letting go for 2022, was simply about untangling from a business relationship that I wanted to simplify, letting go of my children as they grew, letting go of what I had known it was to be a woman as I entered menopause, but perhaps it is all of these things and so much more

As I let go, space opens up

I remind myself that spaces can be easily filled

What I fill this space with is up to me 

Intent is powerful

Feeling into the potential of opening to the doorway of love, my being expands

As I age, I am reminded how special it is to have life

These moments with my love, my children, special friends, on this beautiful earth

This is what I cherish

Feeling happens in the moment

Not yesterday or tomorrow 

"How do I want feel?" I ponder

Aligned, alive, joyous, intended, energised, connected, meaningful, purposeful, loved, loving, present

As we feel we heal

Ritual is a part of how we help ourselves acknowledge shifts in our lives

From experience, I know the shifts in my life that have not been openly acknowledged, feel less complete

Our witnessing of one another is an important component of ritual

So on this New Year’s Eve, I want to thank you for witnessing my ritual of reflection and intention 

In 2023

I can wait to be acknowledged or I can acknowledge myself
I can wait to be loved or I can love myself
I can wait to feel enough or I can simply feel enough as I am
I can wait for others to give me what I want or I can name what I need

I am now my own mother

It is up to me

To care for myself as I want to be cared for
To love myself as I want to be loved
To nourish myself as I want to be nourished
To give as I want to give

This year of 2022 has been about letting go

2023 is about embracing my new held space

It is time

For me to own it
For me to take responsibility
For me to share my voice
For me to live the life I want

The more I show up for self the more I can show up for other

In 2023, I am showing up

Sending you love as always

Sarah xx

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Dearest Daughts , I admire you very much for you musings , advice and help you must give to many many people. AND the beautiful , peaceful way your write.
I’m not good at looking inside me , I should try but it just ain’t me !!
Much.XXX. ( A great website and very easy to use)


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