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Knowing what supports you

Like catching wafts of smoke in the wind, balance is something that comes and goes for me.

I admire my friends who seemingly have it all together and are constantly meditating, exercising, eating a Mediterranean diet, getting enough sleep, sipping on bone broth and generally being their amazing selves.

But let’s be real here, I am not one of those people all of the time

There are periods that yes, I am more in balance than others, but overall it is a constant endeavour for me.

Periods of intense work, periods of deep calm, and periods of deep immersion somewhere else … is what my life looks like.

The common theme is ‘deep’

I have an over active mind, I am a super sensitive soul, I feel things a lot, I care deeply, and at times the world can become too much.

Thankfully I have an incredibly supportive and loving family around me, who know me and love me completely.

They know that when I immerse myself in a topic or an area of exploration, there is little to be done, but to be alongside me until I eventually return.

I describe the journey as heading to the outer planets and then orbiting back.

Recently I have been in a deep period of learning in the therapy realm exploring internal family systems. It has been somewhat discombobulating and humbling experience.

Regardless of where I am on the journey, dancing, eating beautiful food, time outdoors, journaling, long baths, candles, cups of tea, reading, arranging flowers, and being with those that I love – are constants.

It is the simplicity and the beauty in these things that bring me so much delight and grounding

As a therapist, and as the human, I do believe there is a lot of value in really knowing what supports us

I invite you to wonder what supports you?

In the meantime, here is a sample of some of my current favourite supports …(note there is a very seasonal quality)

  • Early morning walks in the dawn, especially with dear friends
  • Yoga at my local studio
  • Acupuncture & Chinese medicine with the incredible Jen Price at EsoLab (telehealth sessions available for those of you who don’t live in Melbourne)
  • Regular therapy sessions
  • Lots of journaling
  • Burning incense (watch this space …we have something special arriving soon!)
  • Shared meals with my family who I love so much
  • Sitting in candlelight by the fire and listening to my favourite tunes
  • Porridge and poached rhubarb with some yoghurt and seeds for breakfast
  • Woollen socks and fingerless gloves … it is chilly here in Melbourne!
  • Cups of soup in my favourite oversized mug
  • And the best for last … dancing after dinner with my kids!

Wising you love and delight as always.

Be in touch with you.

It is through connection we heal. 

Love Sarah xx

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