It is the relationship that heals

I write in this way to invite connection -

to self
to you
to all that beyond the known

    It is through connection that for me life exists

    Reminding myself that we are relational beings

    Part of an enormous network of existence –


    As I write -

    I feel myself grappling with the words to describe self-experience
    I feel you there
    I feel more connected with self and the world
    I feel more whole
    I feel life

      I write without prompt or demand

      I simply give myself permission to be present with what unfolds on the page

      The rules of writing do not apply, this is a place of freedom

      It is simply a channel that supports me to be in relationship with that just below the surface of conscious thought

      It is a channel that supports me to be in relationship with self

      You may wish to journal using Lined Botanical Journal or perhaps like me, carry with you a Blank Light Grey Pocket Notebook, for when that desire to reflect and find connection with self arises.

      I invite you to take time to find ways of being in connection with self. 

      It is the relationship that heals.

      Love Sarah xxx

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