Gifting – a simple way to stay connected

Gifting – a simple way to stay connected

I received a note from someone I sent a gift to today.

They had just moved into their first home and the Box of Calm was to acknowledge the significance of this time.

The gift was simple – some of our Calm Tea packaged in a beautiful amber glass jar. 

Prepared with such care, my friend was really touched.

Over the last couple of years of lockdowns, many of us have missed the significant moments in people’s lives.  So much has happened, but in isolation it can feel like nothing has happened at all.

A Box of Calm can go a long way in letting someone know that you care about them and that you recognise the big moments in their life.  

Take time to acknowledge shifts for yourself and others. 

As both the giver and as the receiver, gifting helps us feel connected.

Take care.

Love Sarah xx 

Whether it is to say ‘thank you’ or to help someone who could do with a moment of feeling cared for, all orders are beautifully wrapped and with the option of adding a personalised hand-written gift-tag, they are ready to gift.

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