Finding our way back

Finding our way back

Lately I have been struggling to write.

I have been so unsettled by recent events locally and abroad.  Whatever I had to say, felt insignificant. 

I have been lost for words, nor has it felt my place to speak.

In my contemplation, I have meditated and journaled, watched TV and read a lot of books, scrolled through way too much news and social media, done a heap of exercise, and gravitated towards those things that give me comfort.

Essentially, I shutdown and tried to take care of myself.

This was my own trauma and self-care response.

This morning though feels different. 

As I look out at the fresh spring growth, I am reminded it is through connection we heal.

For me it is in connection with nature, my body, my loved ones, my community, the parts of me that become activated, and everything in between – that I find my way back.

So, this is a little note, to reach out and say, wherever you are standing in the uncertainty of the world, I am alongside you too.

Take care of you and all that you meet in every moment. 

It is through connection we heal.

With love,

Sarah xx


Dear Sarah, You are so right. During this time of great turmoil it is for each of us to reflect and decide how best to respond to all that is happening. I so often feel judged by others for expressing my thoughts and so I find quite contemplation and actions aligned with my values serve me well. Take care Dilanthi XX

Dilanthi N McGregor

Thank you Sarah x


Beautifully said, Sarah. Sending love and peace to you and yours and to the entirety 💕✨🕊️


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