Finding our voice

Finding our voice

In support of International Women’s Day, I want to speak about the importance of finding our voice.

Often as women, we are encouraged to keep the peace

Often as women, we are encouraged from an early age to keep the peace, to be nice, and to place another’s wellbeing ahead of our own. Through this conditioning, it can become learned to us, that what we feel is not important, not relevant, n'or does it have a place. In time, this type of experience, can lead to a feeling of disconnection, anxiety and show up as burn-out and difficulties with boundaries.

Self-care can prove difficult to deliver

The concept of self-care for calm, seems simple enough.

But, in instances where we have not learned to honour our voice or ourselves, self-care can prove difficult to deliver.  Self-care can feel indulgent, wrong and, something that we may only consider when we have spare time.

To begin to shift old patterns

To begin to shift this patterning, I invite you to - 

  • slow down and feel your feet on the ground
  • feel yourself in relation to nature all around you 
  • place your palms on your body and breath some gentle rounds of breath through your entire living being
  • stop for a moment and recall the people that care about you in your life

With an attitude of open and gentle curiosity

With an attitude of open and gentle curiosity, I invite you to -

  • begin to listening in to your self-experience
  • even if challenging, I invite you to consider holding this experience gently with tenderness, and love
  • consider the possibility of giving voice to this experience - this might be through movement, journaling, art or sharing with another - I invite you to find the channel that feels most natural to you

Give yourself time and space

Give yourself time and space, all of this takes practice

  • the more often you gently you hold yourself, hear yourself, the gentler the experience will become

I want you to begin consider the possibility that - your experience, your voice, and you matter

It is in the daily practice of self-care that we begin to find our voice.

Self-care is an act of self-therapy, helping us to discover who we are

As you can, I invite you to take time throughout your day to -

  • Slow down
  • Check in
  • Self care

And if you need a little extra support, reach out.  It is through relationship we heal. 


Love Sarah xx

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Beautiful words Sarah, gratefully received in this time of anxiety and stress for the world. Thank you. H x


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