Finding mini-mindful moments

Finding mini-mindful moments

When life feels full-to-bursting, it can be challenging to be present in our world.

In these periods, our relationships can suffer, our sleep may become more disturbed and our performance can drop.

So what are some small things we can do, to bring mini-mindful moments to our day and bring greater ease and connection in life?

  • A walk in the early morning light  – great for setting our circadian rhythms to support a more restful nights sleep
  • Warm cups of herbal tea – to keep us hydrated and feeling good
  • Applying a calming essential oil blend to the temples and wrists before each meeting or call – to help keep us calm and clear
  • 3 x rounds of mindful nasal breaths with focus on a lengthened out breath and feet firmly planted on the floor, whenever you sit down -  great for soothing our vagus nerve and help us feel grounded
  • Spritzing, smudging or lighting a candle to bring ritual opening and closing to your work day - supporting our nervous system to recognise when to dial up and dial down
  • Eat a well rounded diet with a multitude of colours on your plate, 3 x meals per day - supports lower cortisol and keeps us well fuelled
  • Committing to tech free window 8pm – 8am - restore mental calm and stability
  • Mindfully apply beautiful body products after a relaxing bathing session - to help us stay connected and in tune with ourselves
  • Light a candle, listen to some music and journal – empty our mind and prepare our body for sleep
  • Get to bed with a good book before 10pm - help us get that much needed rest to repair and restore

Select 3 mini-mindful-moments from this list that you can commit to and apply them every day over the next 3 x days. 

Each time you engage in that action, be really present with the experience and allow yourself to fully immerse in that mini-mindful-moment. 

At the end of your 3rd day, reflect on:

  • How it has been to give yourself permission to be present to yourself?  What has come up for you?
  • Have your interactions with your children, partner, friends co-workers changed?
  • How has your sleep been?
  • Have you experienced a shift in clarity and calm?

Once you have reviewed how you feel after 3 x days, give yourself permission to either continue with these actions OR update your selection of mini-mindful moments and again commit for another 3 x days.

It is the cumulative effect of taking moments to centre and ground throughout our day that help us feel less impacted by the busyness of life.

I would love to hear what you discover in engaging in this exercise.

Take care.

Love Sarah xx

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