Filling my cup for more of what I love

I often talk about filling our cup, as a metaphor for meaningful self-care.

As a therapist, these days I work with clients online and strolling in the local park. 

Either my clients and I know each other remotely or in-person in the environs.

This has been one of the impacts of COVID

At times I miss the comfort of the green couch and the mid-century bookcase filled with my favourite texts, that was once my therapy room.

But the COVID related forced isolation was a time for quiet reflection.  A reconnecting to what is most valuable to me.  My partner, my family, my garden and freedom.

Freedom to live life as it suits me.

The more I honour this, the more I can honour other. 

In many ways this is the foundation of The Calm Store

An invitation to come to know yourself and fill your cup in a way that is meaningful to you.

Permission to -

slow down, check in, and act upon the self-care  - that really truly fills you

I invite you to check in with yourself today
and despite the changes and perhaps even the discomfort that might ensue
fill your cup in a way that is meaningful to you

everyone will benefit, including you

Love Sarah xx

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