Feel the big feels and take care of those you love

Feel the big feels and take care of those you love

Holiday periods can be a time of coming together, they can also be a time of remembrance.   

How we sit with big moments, can have a significant impact on how we find ourselves functioning in life.  

Here is a little reflection about someone important to me that I recently lost.  

I miss you terribly.
Time keeps passing by.  The sun rises, darkness falls.
Spring is long gone and we are now in autumn, but yet time stands still where I left you last, when I said goodbye. 
As I cared for you, I keep caring for those around me. 
In fact, I find myself wanting to care for other more of other than I normally would.  
A stranger trips, I feel a need to be right there offering a steady hand ... 
The realisation though that care for other will not return your life.
Instead, I must sit with and be in the pain of loss. 
This is my work.
To stop and to feel.
The big fat tears fall.
My chest heaves.
I am here and you are not.
Journaling my experience
Lighting a candle in ritual 
Taking time alone in nature 
And, letting people know how important they are in my life, I send gifts and notes
These are my salves.
I miss you Anna.


Taking time to express and acknowledge our feelings is a known way to find calm.

Over this holiday time, I invite you to hold a generous heart for those who may be missing someone special in their lives.  And for those who do not have a table to join, perhaps open the door a little bit wider and invite them in.

Feel those big feels and take care of those you love. 

Love Sarah xx

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Beautiful words Sarah. Thank you for caring for me. Anna was lucky to have you as her cousin. Lots of love to you.


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