Care combined with connection is powerful

Care combined with connection is powerful

Working as a therapist is a gift.

I am invited in to people’s worlds.

Together we traverse the darkness and the light.

My task is simply to be alongside, not to fix or to heal.

The process is often a discovery that the darkness that we were once so afraid of, is a place transformed with gentle connection and love. 

The work clients do in between sessions, where they are applying these concepts, but for themselves, is the most powerful of all.

The starting place can be simply in the process of slowing down and checking in with where we are.

It is in finding the space for relationship with self that is gentle and curious.

It is from here that the healing can occur, as we open to ourselves and offer ourselves connection and care. 

Care may look like brewing a beautiful cup of herbal tea and lighting and oil burner with our favourite calming essential oils as we recognise we are feeling a bit stressed, or offering ourselves a self-massage with body oil followed by a long warm bath in candlelight to support a restful sleep. 

Care combined with connection is powerful.

As you can, take time to find a moment to be with you and give yourself the care you need today.

It is through connection we heal.

Your soul will thank you for it.

Love Sarah xx

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