Being generous towards self

Being generous towards self

Today I need to start with an apology.  Last week I sent my Letter from Sarah to you twice.  I am sorry about that!  Clearly, I have had a good break and I am feeling a bit rusty with the tech!  

A dear friend and loyal customer shared the error with me.  I am so grateful she did and simply love that she felt she could.

Being kind to myself, not worrying about other’s judgement, allowing myself to show up as a fallible human being – all came into play, as I let the mistake land.

Again I recognise these qualities, as being that much more available to me, when I am feeling relaxed and balanced.

A wonderful demonstration of - the value of time-off, the value of investing in my self-care, the value of surrounding myself with people that I love.

When we are generous with ourselves, we can be generous with others.  It is through this caring connection we thrive.

If there is something you want to share with me, please leave a comment here.  I will respond.

Again sorry for landing in your in-box more than once last week.

I am now heading off to a yoga class with my daughter and a friend.

It is through connection we heal. 

Take care.

Love Sarah xx

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