A moment for me to support my sleep

A moment for me to support my sleep

The morning light is yet to appear
I wake alert and processing a conversation from the day before
I feel into my body and I recognise the heat that comes with this time of life
The heat of all that is struggling to pass through
I feel relief in knowing I have a therapy session in the coming days
But then I recall what I have the day ahead
I toss and turn for a bit, hoping those heavy eyelids will return
They don’t

I arise and pace in the cold darkness
I feel a bit lost, not sure where to be
I do not want to disturb the house and going back to bed does not feel like an option
I head to my therapy space

As soon as I enter, I notice the wave of relief that fills my body
I move towards my meditation cushions
In the dark, I find a candle, matches and a few of my favourite blankets
I sit
My body, sways, moves and shakes
There is a lot to process today
I do not feel the cold
But I do feel the ache of my heart and the tears that roll down my face as I be with the pain of loss
I feel the warmth of joy as I remember the night before eating together with my family
I feel the distance of my mother far away and wish to see her
I feel the desire to dance more and carry less
I feel the fear of being alone
I feel the relief in sitting and being with where I am
I blow out the candle

It is still dark & cold outside
Yet I feel the warmth of being
This day will be ok


If sleep is something you struggle with:

  • Think about what you can do to support your sense of Calm during the day with mini-mindful moments.  - it is the cumulative effect of taking time to centre and ground throughout our day that help us feel less impacted by the busyness of life.
  • Incorporate Rituals that help demarcate your day and prepare your body for rest
  • Take a look at our Sleep collection - everything here is designed to induce relaxing rejuvenating sleep

If you would like any further guidance or support - please reach out info@thecalmstore.com


Love Sarah xx

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